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〓 Primetime Emmy〓 Awards09-18-2018 1●4:14 BJT"Game of Thr■ones" and "Ma◆rvelous Mrs. Maisel"● won top awards M◆onday evening at t

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he■ 70th Primetime〓 Emmy Awards, picki●ng up outstandi●ng drama seri○es and outstan○ding comedy ■series, respectiv■ely.HBO's "Ga

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the◆ wealthy, but ●al

me of■ Thrones" r○eturned to th〓e Emmys after a ye○ar out of c●ontention and led t●he nominatio〓ns with 22 nods◆. The fantasy dr

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make it. And○ we had the greatest〓 cast, the gre■atest crew an〓d the best produc■ers


in the ●business. And○ thanks to〓 HBO for their ●vision. Th◆ere is no better pl〓ace

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to work," sai●d producer David● Benihoff.Martin, ●the prolific author◆ of the series

rt empowerin○g

o◆f books upon ●which the TV◆ series is based,◆ told Xinhua, "We ma●y not have◆ chan

people," Boo◆

ged televis◆ion, but as〓 the first fan■tasy serie■s to win Best Dra◆ma, we certain◆l

ker said.Businessma●n

y changed ◆the genre and ●opened the door fo■r other quality f○antasies."Peter Di●nkl

Andrew Yang ■was

age also wo●n his third Emmy f○or most outs○tanding sup●porting actor i◆n a drama s〓

asked what he w●ou

eries for "Ga〓me of Thrones." D●inklage has been n■ominated in〓 the category seven● t

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adimir● Putin if 〓he

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nd 2015."I ha○d s

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ng into ●this role, bec◆ause usually a〓 role about someo◆ne my size usual◆ly does not hav●e enough depth and○ layers to make it ◆interesting

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st of all, I'●d say I'm

. T●his was completely〓 different■. It's bitterswee◆t to see it ●end,

beat your guy," ○Yang

" Dinkl■age told Xinhua.Am●azon's "Ma■rvelous Mrs. Maisel◆" dominated

a gri●n, drawing h〓owl

the c◆omedy categories○ with five honors in■cluding awards fo〓r Best C

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ghter from the a●udie

omedy and Le◆ad Actress〓.When asked ab■out the re■levance of ◆the show given the t●ransforming effect○s of feminist〓 activism on th●e political landsca〓pe of Times Up an○d #Me Too ■movements, w◆riter/director/exe●c

utive producer p●owerhouse, Amy She●rman-Palladino■, told Xinhu◆a, "You can't plan t●hat kind of perf●ect timing. We neve■r expected when th●is came out ◆that Hollywood w〓ould be taking down ?/p>

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鰏o many trolls in● real life. ●But, nobody ●gives you ○props for playin●g it safe,◆ so we went fo●r it."The series fol◆lows a housew〓ife in 1958■ New York ○City who dis●covers she ha●s a knack for stan■d-up comedy

an●d reinvents h◆erself after he●r husband run○s off with anot■her woman.Rach■el Bronsnahan got ●the last laug○h when she snag●ged the Best Act○ress in the field fo○r "The Marvelous Mr○s. M

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aisel." When ◆asked why she though〓t the show w●as so successful,〓 she told Xi○nhua, "Its ○aspirational. ○I've always● wanted to pl●ay complex, interest○ing and grounded wo◆men. And it's ab■out a woman ●who reinvent

s he○rself when her dr◆eam fell apart〓 after she achieved ■everything s■he thought she w●anted. And it's fil●led with joy at● its core."Her co-st●ar, Alex Bors○tein, who plays■ Mrs. Maisel'○

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s tough-talking Gre○enwich Village prom■oter, walke■d away with the B●est Supporting Actr■ess in a comedy.A■fter doing a mock s■trip tease on he●r way to the podiu○m, Borstein sa●id, "To my ●children: this i●s all wo

nderful●, but none of it 〓matters. You do〓!"The 70th a■nnual Primetime Emmy◆ Awards ceremony● was held at the Mi〓crosoft Theate〓r in downtown L●os Angeles and ai●ring on NBC. It'〓s an America

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駑ith a block b●y Yan Ni, and● turned the tid○e 14-12 with four 〓straight poin■ts.After that, Chi●na kept the 〓lead and w○on the

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